Thinking back to New York…
Quiet nights, cold air
City lights, the clicking of heels.
Street signs, runways
It feels like a thousand years ago.


Brrrr iss cold! 😁☔


He invited me out into the night,
On a day that had done me wrong My drive that night was frustrating,
With wrong turns and hushed radio songs.
Even from a distance he guided me to his once familiar smile,
Months later I’d find out it was a drive long worth my while.
Summer nights came and passed,
sandy feet and sunburnt skin..
His arms were a gentle shelter
When the air grew cold and thin.
Now we wake up tangled,
Sharing blankets and cold feet
His eyes my favorite story,
His lap my favorite seat.
Stronger than a current we’ve stayed by each other’s sides,
And with each new day with him,
I thank God I took that drive


Daily rant:
10 years ago I was sitting in trees by lakes, chasing down dreams and savoring every last ounce of sunlight in the summer days where I needed to be home by 8 for mom’s meals.
Today I sit with a man whom I’ve got an unexplainable love with, in our own home, which we pay with with our own money that we make at our own jobs. Thinking back, there were days when I longed to be here, and days when i longed to start over. Now I can say, with content, I had so very much to look forward to this entire time. In 21 years I’ve finally found myself in a place that I wouldn’t mind staying until my dying day. Life works in such beautiful ways :) thank God for what I’ve got


God knows we’re worth it